Coaster Courtesy

I’m not sure if this qualifies as manner, but it sure scores high in being considerate.  The children surprised me by cleaning out the living room after a big disaster swept through there during the day. It was spotless without a fight.  Their motivation: clean room means they can run and chase.

Our son noted I was drinking a glass of wine – or attempting to. I kept losing it in the house due to distractions, phone calls, etc.  He assessed, brought me a coaster and led me to the printer credenza, “Wine goes on a coaster because it’s on wood instead of the kitchen table.  If it’s out here you won’t lose it and can run around with us more and not have to go far to finally finish your special glass of wine.”

That’s one thoughtful four-year-old.  After about 2 hours, I finally finished the glass.  I needed it after spinning them around the room and chasing them in circles for about the same amount of time.  Also during an attempt to put laundry away they begged for me to fold the sheets in the living room since there was so much room – ulterior motives, yes.  They were inspired by Judy Schachner (Skipppyjohn Jones) and wanted to …”blow through the sheets like the muddy wind.”

We all slept well.

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