If you’re going to lie, stay with it.

Blue-wildebeest-05a09082 Our four-year-old hasn’t learned the fine art of lying, so it’s still funny.  When his sister asked him how he knew that Wildebeests lived in Africa, he replied,

“Barack Obama told me.”
Long Pause and the look of knowing and disbelief came across her face.
“When did he tell you?”
Another long pause.
“When I was at his house.”
A tilt of the head and sideways glance by the 7 3/4 year-old.
“In Washington.  I was there.  It’s a white house.”
Another glance.
Panicked and defeated.
“OK, OK, Barack Obama didn’t tell me. I’ve never been to his house.”
“OK, then WHO told you?”
That about did it. She couldn’t argue.

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