Let Us Introduce – Barry, the Baryonyx

Hs_baryonyx Size:  32 feet long
Weight:  2 tons

Diet Preferences/Philosophy:  Carnivore, but not usually his own relatives or best friends.  Prefers munching on herbivores

Hobbies Include:  sport fishing, river rafting and fly fishing.

Hangs Out:  Europe

Best Friend:  Kirk

Character Flaws:  Too quick to “rescue” his friends, usually at his own expense. He’s constantly taking on their problems without stepping back to see if he should get involved or if it will negatively affect him. Also is a bit hooked on technology.  Put the phone down, Barry!

Character Assets: A true friend you can count on, but beware of those teeth on a bad day or when he’s dieting. He gets quite testy.

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