Let Us Introduce: Dion and the Troödon (TROH-oh-don) Hoods


Size:  6 feet

Weight:  110 pounds

Diet Preferences/Philosophy:  Carnivore – “Troodons Rule! Only the strong survive. Survival of the smartest. Group hunts are much better.

Hang Out  Montana and Wyoming, USA, and Alberta, Canada

Hobbies include:  Causing mayhem, destroying nests and torturing small week dinos,

Little known fact:  They are accomplished musicians.Dion is lead vocals, Carlo is baritone/bass vocals, Fred and Angelo are tenor vocals. (WIKI FACT)

Character Flaws: Elitist, bullies.  Quite convinced that no others are their equal and they are quite arrogant about it.  Hang out in gangs, mostly.  Larger prey can overcome them if they are wandering around without their posse.

Character Assets: Can’t really think of any. 

Best friends:  “Their gang” – Carlo, Fred, Angelo.

Science fact: Troodon was a small dinosaur with a very large brain compared to his body size.  Some scientists think that he was the smartest of all the dinosaurs. 

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