Let Us Introduce: Kirk, the Kronosaurus (kroe-noe-sore-us)

Hs_kronosaurus Size:  About 33 feet long

Weight:  7 tons

Dining Preference/Philosophy: Carnivore:  Fish, mollusks, and other marine reptiles.  He usually sticks to seafood.  Land animals just give him indigestion and are annoying to catch, as they don’t come near the water frequently enough.

Hobbies Include:  sport fishing, recreational swimming.

Best Friend:  Barry

Character flaws:  A bit needy and high-maintenance, hypochondriac

Character assets:  Fun to play with, open to new ideas and activities.

From Enchanted Learning:

Kronosaurus lived in the open oceans and breathed air. Some Plesiosaurs have been found with small stones in their stomachs; these may have been used to help grind up their food, or as ballast, to help them dive. They probably laid eggs in beach sand (like modern-day sea turtles).

Kronosaurus may have laid eggs in nests that they dug into the sand, much as modern-day sea turtles do.

Kronosaurus ate ammonites and other cephalopods. Fossilized plesiosaurs and turtles have been found in the stomach cavity of Kronosaurus. Kronosaurus had strong jaws and sharp teeth. It had rounded teeth at the back of the jaws, used to crush shells. Kronosaurus was one of the top predators in the seas of the Mesozoic Era.

Kronosaurus swam using their four paddle-like flippers in a manner similar to that of modern turtles. They might have been able to move a little bit on land, as modern seals do.

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