Let Us Introduce – Trixie, the Triceratops (tri-SER-uh-tops)


Size:  30 feet long, 10 feet tall

Weight:  6-12 tons

Dining Preference/Philosophy:  Herbivore / A true Vegan

Hangs Out:  western Canada and the western United States

Hobbies Include:  Kite flying, see-saw and roaming looking for a new salad combination.  She also enjoys cooking and coming up with recipes for new dressings.

Character flaws:  Can be a bit pesty and snotty. Slow to learn from experience.  She keeps trying to befriend carnivores. They promise her and promise that they won’t eat her, and yet every time it turns into a chase as she runs for her life.  She’s not a quick study.  They even distract her while another comes in and eats her eggs after ransacking her nest.

Character asset:  A very sharing and true friend of all herbivores – vegan or not.  She doesn’t discriminate.  this has led to injuries. You’d think she’d learn from experience.

Best Friends:  Zelda & Austin

Biggest Fear:  Surprise visits from carnivores of any size.

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