Let Us Introduce – Spencer, the Spinsosaurus (spin-owe-SORE-us)

Hs_spinosaurusSize:  46 feet

Weight:  6000 pounds

Diet and eating philosophy:  Carnivore, the larger the better, prefers seafood.

Hangs Out:  Egypt, Africa

Hobbies Include: Driving way too fast, picking fights, fishing

Character assets:  Can’t think of any.

Character flaws: antagonistic, bully.

Film Credits:  A villain in Jurassic Park III, 2001.

Science Fact:  one of the last major dinosaur groups to come to the public’s attention was the spinosaurids. They were theropod meat-eaters from the early Cretaceous period, with long, narrow snouts armed with many straight, sharp teeth, and they had a distinctive big claw on the thumb.

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