Let Us Introduce – Zelda, the Zephyrosaurus (ZEF-ear-ro-SORE-us)

Hs_zephSize:  Up to 6 feet

Weight:  Up to 110 pounds

Diet Preferences/Philosophy:  Herbivore. A shy eater.

Hang Out  USA

Hobbies include:  Going on long, shaded walks under the trees, taking morning jogs, teeter-tottering with a friend.

Character Flaws: You can’t flaw someone for being short.  Zelda doesn’t have any flaws we can think of, she’s sweet.

Character Assets: Polite, gracious when asking for help from bigger friends, a good friend herself.

Best friends:  Trixie & Austin

Science fact: This is a more recently discovered dinosaur, so there isn’t a lot known, yet. It had a small head, flat cheek teeth, long legs, and short arms. It was an ornithopod and a hypsilophoditid in the Aptian-Albian ages, about 119-113 million years ago. It was found in Montana, USA and was named by paleontologist H.D. Sues in 1980.

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