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Cover_500 Inspired by my son, Austin, and his love of dinosaurs, we’ve published a book filled with dinosaur facts, chuckle-worthy illustrations by artist, Alison Seda, and a poem of easy tips to teach some basic manners and friendship ideas.

The book is called, “Dino Manners.”  It’s for kids ages 4 – 10. It helps them learn to be a good friend, resolve conflicts, stand up for themselves, AND learn about dinosaurs!

You can order it here, directly from us or buy it in the “usual places.”

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A couple of activity pages to hold you over until your books arrive!


As we’ve started touring in our local areas to elementary and preschools, we’ve discovered an unplanned gift from our book.  It seems to open up some great conversations about friendship, the audience’s own solutions and ideas.  Our first events haven’t been your standard, “let us read to you and you listen quietly and laugh at the funny parts.”  Instead, as we go through the pages, we ask them questions about the tip on the page.  I’m able to take two or three anecdotes and then we continue reading. They children are truly engaged and love being asked their opinions.  By the end of the book they each have their favorite or most memorable dinosaur.  The “Class Photo” at the end, where we have head shots of each dinosaur with their names, seems to be a favorite page.  It is the most requested poster so far.

Our children have been great, and brutal, editors.  If it doesn’t appeal to them, or isn’t clear, they tell us.  If the illustrations aren’t funny enough, over their heads or, as Savannah says, “Just not an attractive color combination,” Alison is right there to hear their arguments and ideas.  It’s been a true collaboration between two families.


This is our first book, although we have two more awaiting editing, refining and illustrations.

I work full-time from home as a web solutions provider and consultant, and run a national non-profit, Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids, and Alison has her regular art career, household of four and a menagerie of a dozen or so animals.

Poke around on the site, see the book preview and then BUY THE BOOK!  We’ll keep you updated with the latest Dino Manners news.

If you are interested in larger quantities of books, contact me directly.


Susan Finch

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