Let Us Introduce Allister, the Alamosaurus (AL-am-oh-SAW-rus)


Size: App. 69 feet long

Weight: 33 tons

Diet preference: Herbivore

Found: North America

Hobbies include :
Tree top grazing, napping, sunbathing, watching the clouds, birdwatching, and road trips with the family.

Best Friends: Anyone tall enough to talk to. Currently his cousin, Adelle.

Character flaws:
A little oblivious to what is going on around  and below him at times. This leads to many stepped on toes for the smaller dinos and accidental whippings by his massive tail without his knowledge.

Character Assets:
  Sweet tempered, a big gentle giant always willing to give a helping hand…when he can see it.

Biggest Fear : Stepping on a pal

Favorite Hangout : Any  water to cool off in, on a hot, hot day.


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