Let Us Introduce- Gordon, the Gigantosaurus( jig-a-NOT-o-SAW-rus)


Size: App. 40-43 feet long

Weight: 6.5- 13.3 tons

Dining Preference/Philosophy: 
Carnivore and a bit of a scavenger. If he wants it, he takes it…no questions asked.

 Hobbies Include: Outdoor cookouts with a friend and jogging.

Name Means: ” giant southern lizard”

Best Friend: Theo

Found:  Argentina

Character Flaws: A bit selfish, he thinks about his own needs before others. Clueless as to why he has so few friends. Feels unjustly persecuted because of his size.

Character assets: He and Theo  keep the other dinos in shape with all that chasing they do!

Biggest Fear: Clouds

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