Let Us Introduce- Naughty Nevin, the Neovenator ( Nee-oh-ve-nay-tor)

Size: App. 22-25 feet long

Weight: HEAVY DUTY !

Dining Preference/ Philosophy:
If he can catch it, he will eat it.

Hobbies Include:
Rock throwing, stick throwing,  dino- tossing, ankylosaur bowling

Found: England

Nickname: ” New Hunter”

Best Friend:
Friends? Who needs them?!

Character Flaws:
  Has a big superiority complex, he has really let his nickname go to his head. A big bully! Raids birthday parties, busts into other dinosaurs homes uninvited, doesn’t clean up after play-dates, leaves a mess everywhere he goes, a big litterbug and takes the little dinos’ lunch money.

Character Assets:
Tells good jokes and can be the life of the party…uhhhhh……that is about it…he is a real stinker.

Claim to Fame
: Most well known carnivore in all of Europe

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