Let us introduce: Odette the Oviraptor ( OH-vee-RAP-tor )

Hs_oviraptorSize :
App. 7 feet long

53- 76 lbs

” egg thief ”

Diet Preference: Omnivorous

Found : Mongolia

Hobbies : Busy Mother…too busy for hobbies!

Character flaws: A little sneaky, therefore easily misunderstood. A bit of a loner preferring to spend time with her family rather then get to know her neighbors. A bit of a “taker” rather than a “giver”.

Character assets: A devoted mother, a excellent teacher and singer. OdetteĀ  would be the perfect dinner guest as she will eat just about anything. She can really clean her plate!

Biggest misunderstanding: The oviraptor was thought to be a big egg stealer and egg eater, but that turns out to not be the true case at all! This dinosaur actually was a devoted mother who watched over her own eggs very closely!

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