Let Us Introduce- Theo, the Tyrannosaurus Rex ( tie-RAN-oh-SAW-rus)


Size: 43 to 49 feet long, and about 13 feet tall

Weight: App. 7.5 tons

Diet Preference/Philosophy: Carnivore. He would rather not have to put too much effort into hunting if he can help it. Let’s just say that if there were butcher shops around back then…he would shop there….often.

Hobbies Include: napping, walking around, scratching his back on the nearest tree, cleaning toenails, picking teeth, staring at reflection in the water. skipping and learning to jump rope.

Nickname: ” Tyrant Lizard”

Found: North America, Canada, Texas, Wyoming, Asia, Mongolia

Character Flaws: Forgetful, needs to constantly be reminded who is a friend and who is breakfast, lunch; dinner, etc. Super smelly breath, poor brushing and flossing habits.

Character Assets: Keeps the other dinosaurs in shape from all of the chasing he does…naughty, naughty!

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