Sample page from Dino Manners featuring Winston and Spencer

500x500_squeakyIt’s so hard to decide which page to let you see and which to surprise you with when you buy our book.  Decisions, decisions, so many dinosaurs, so many tips.

We’re interested to see which pages Amazon chooses for their “look inside” feature.

This photo was taken at Horsetail Falls on the Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon.  It was a gorgeous day and we stopped every quarter of a mile or so to see each of the waterfalls.  This one pooled at the bottom and wasn’t very deep. Savannah and I took the opportunity to run through it and splash each other.  Our shoes were sloshing for hours.

Spencer and Winston arrived just as we were leaving.  It didn’t look like it would go well, so we decided to move on to the next waterfall.  I hope they worked it out.

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