Another Great Review for Dino Manners

I really like the book! The first night Jack read it to Juliana and I only caught the tail end.

The second night I read it to both of them, just the top part. Jack picked out anything he noticed was not true – dinosaurs don’t really wear bows etc. They thought their behavior was funny and silly.

Then the third night, I read the part with the behavior tips and consequences – and they listened.  They both loved the map at the end and the dinosaur stamps. Juliana went one by one one those pages, asking the dinosaur’s name and finding it on the map (we have done this about a dozen times now).

Your book is cute and clever, colorful, prehistoric-looking scenery in the photographs, and it sounds like you learned a lot in the research process. Sooo, there is an Evolutionary process to reading your book that we have yet to exhaust! I will get back to you as we continue this journey – reading, learning, and laughing together.

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