Celebrating The DELICATE Side of Volunteerism

An organization that I founded in 1996, Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids, has a great collection of volunteers with a terrific sense of humor.  This story made me laugh and was a reminder of how to handle an embarrassing situation quickly.  We can get through “delicate” situations with humor and efficiency if we keep a cool head.  We can be a good example to our children with this in mind.

The lighter side of quilting-

I was at work a couple weeks ago and brought in some quilts I had finished off that were being donated to a family that has had a real rough time. Being the single Mom that I am, I am usually practicing multi tasking at its best.

I like to wash my blankets in lavender fabric softener (if they aren’t going to the hospital). They smell so wonderful. I was particularly proud because another lady had done the quilting on the blanket for me. The fabric was purple and had a grape and vine pattern on it. She had quilted grapes and leaves on the top. I had a lot of laundry to do the night before and was so proud to get this project done on time and wanted to show it off to my friend at work. I whipped out the quilt proudly….and there it was….one of my black bras with the hooks stuck in those silly strings from the quilting. We laughed so hard- and I stashed that bra in my briefcase so fast. What a riot….note to self. Trim strings before washing!

Terrie Madruga
Binky Patrol
Lincoln Chapter, CA.

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