Dress for Their Occasions, Too.

23332661_10 When it is date night, or a business meeting, business dinner, church, or birthday celebrations with girlfriends I dress up; make up, spiffy attire, spiffy attitude.  I’m ready for something special and to give respect to the occasion I’m attending.

Remembering back to Jr. High leadership class when we would plan dances and events; why do you think the school administration always supported proms and formals over costume and ‘dress like a baby’ themed dances?  Because we act how we dress.  When we show up for a special event in torn jeans, fleece, sneakers and other outdoor activity or CHORE attire, we will act like we’d rather be ANYWHERE but THERE.  Get your mind in order, get your attitude ready to enjoy something you are attending or participating in already.  Prepare your head to enjoy the  honor of being asked to attend, the honor of being asked to help out at the school for YOUR child.  Set the tone immediately that this is exactly where you want to be.

We are fortunate to work from home, making us able to attend all school events for both children at two different schools. It’s rare we miss anything.  These events are the biggest things happening in their young lives. When they read poetry in class to the invited parents, it’s a big deal.  Did you see – INVITED – they made invitations for this event and handed them to the parents.  Why would we not give their events the same respect we give a date, business meeting or girls night out?

Make-up Testing this concept, I dressed up for last year’s science fair, heels and all.  My daughter knew by looking at me that I regarded this event as special. Her dad wore slacks, nice shirt and dress shoes.  He, too, showed her that he was excited to attend this event.  She beamed with excitement. She was touched.

Our five-year-old still prefers his pajamas over ‘daytime’ attire, but if he knows company is coming, he takes the time to spiff up.  He’s learned to say, “I need to get dressed to show them how happy I am to have them here!”  He means it. His attitude shows it.  Our examples teach him, as well.

SlouchIt doesn’t stop with dress.  You need to complete the package with your best FACE.  So what if you never wear make up, but what about that smile, your posture, your attitude?  Carry it through.   Leave the business grumbles, personality conflicts, and your own personal agendas AT HOME, where they are personal. Don’t outshine the star of whatever event you are attending.  We remind our children at church, it’s not THEIR show.  It’s the priest’s show – his time to be listened to by everyone. No one got up that morning wondering what the Finch children would do to divert attention.

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