If you yell at a cartoon, is it still rude?

As our son begins to outgrow certain shows, I’m noticing something he’s beginning to do more regularly.  I still prefer he watches the sweet and non-controversial shows like the Backyardigans, Olivia, and…. Dora and Diego.  This is where the problem is.

Most days he can be heard yelling at the television, “It’s RIGHT THERE YOU, YOU SILLY HEAD – CAN’T YOU SEE IT?”  “Hey PICKLE BREATH, I SAID THE LEFT ONE!”

I asked him to tone it down and his reply was, “But they are annoying they way they talk down to little kids – we are NOT stupid, you know!”  At that point, television goes off and he has a chance to “re-evaluate” his tone to living people.  Who would have thought Dora and Diego could get him so riled up?

So to answer the question:  Yes, yelling at characters in the television is still rude.  It’s doubly rude when it carries back to real life.  Perhaps he’s doing it just so I’ll ban Dora and Diego like we did I Carlie and Hannah?

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