Rossmoor Elementary and The Writing Process

X Susan Finch at Rossmoor Elementary 3.5.10 065 Susan Finch was invited to Rossmoor Elementary School in Los Alamitos to talk about the writing process to the student body.  It was a beautiful morning. Parents set out the class tarps for the grassy field known as, “Lake Rossmoor” as the students filed in for their regular Friday Morning assembly.

Ms. Adele, the principal, introduced Susan.  Bret Colson took photos and set the event up for Susan.  About 15 minutes were spent talking about the writing and editing process. The children had great questions and some silly ones, “What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?” and “Were you mad when you had to keep editing over and over?”

The teachers felt great to know that the writing principles they have been teaching matched up with the same process told by Finch.

“I edited the complete book nine times and had to make major revisions. This didn’t include all tiny changes almost hourly. Some photos changed up to the last upload of the file for printing.”

She also told them how helpful it was to share the book with different types of people to see how it read to them.  This almost matched with the peer-editing process taught in the school.

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