Dino Manners Latitude 33 Bookstore Reading After Lunch at Cafe Zinc

DSC07107 The day in Laguna Beach was fantastic.  The weather was fair, there was the Patriots’ Day Parade tossing candy to the children. DSC07140 It was a perfect Hometown Laguna day.  After the parade, we made our way to Cafe Zinc across the street from Latitude 33 Bookstore on Ocean Avenue.  We were serenaded by the Hobie float as we enjoyed lunch with friends, old neighbors and others from the parade.

By 1:15 it was time to head over to the bookstore and get ready for a fun reading of Dino Manners.  By the time I arrived in the shop, there were already a group of children at the back. We had passed out postcards at the parade.

DSC07144 I felt very welcomed by the window display and the great staff at Latitude 33. In addition to locals, we had quite a few friends and relatives show up. If you’ve ever been to this intimate bookstore, you’ll know that we were packing the main aisle and sitting all over the floor in the children’s section.  It was too packed for Tom to take photos during the readings.  This was was as we were setting up. It was so much fun to read to a mix of adults and children.

DSC07149 The event was a great success.  I did two readings for the two shifts of children.  The parents were so happy they didn’t miss the only reading.  We had time for the beach with friends after.

As we were cleaning up, my son, Austin, found a web client of mine, my mentor and friend – he plopped her down on the ground and asked for another book from the ladies at the counter, since we were out of them at the back.  DSC07151He read the entire book to her and told her all about how each page was composed, edited and assembled.  She was fascinated.  I told him if I was ever in need of back up, I’d be proud to have him read for me.

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