Back to school, back to writing.

The little darlings head back to school next week.  Thank goodness.  I’m not being rude, I’m just anxious to get back to writing, booking events and a quiet routine with my music blasting.

We worked on a lot of manners skills and life skills over the summer.

“No, it’s not polite to fight about who has to make the cereal while mom’s on a conference call.”

“You don’t need to recap the arguement – I WAS HERE – I heard it ALL.”

“If you were able to make the mess, you can clean it up.  If not, let me know and my friend Mr. Trashbag can help you get it done.”

“We’re mean to make you practice piano? Really?  Are mean to DRIVE you there and PAY for the lessons?”

Ah, summer.  It’s coming to a close.  Time to schedule book signing events for “Dino Manners” and get back to writing the next two books.  I think one quiet weekend each month would help me sift through my pages of notes and rough drafts.

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