Dino Manners tips for outdoor concerts.

After attending another outdoor concert last night at the Oregon Zoo it struck me that some of the attendees could use some help when it comes to outdoor concert etiquette.  If you were at the Cyndi Lauper concert last night, you know who you are.  Just had a rant I had to get out this morning.

DSC02031 If the performer stops the show to scold your child for recording her on her iPhone next to the stage, you have a serious problem teaching your child respect and boundaries.  Ms. Lauper politely pointed out that it’s more fun to look at the real performer with your eyes, rather than through a viewer. She even reached out to shake the girl’s hand.  Didn’t seem to help. Your child continued to record the concert on her phone. She should have been ejected. She had no respect for the performer and Cyndi Lauper told her so in front of ALL of us. That should have been YOU telling her.

Just how many times do you need to get up in a concert? Perhaps one bathroom break?  Do you get up in a movie theater that frequently or are you just unable to sit still when you are outside?  We saw the same people walk in front of us no fewer than 5 times each last night – same people over and over.  SIT STILL or DANCE on your blanket. Stop walking around. It’s rude to everyone.

To the same wiggly folks – we don’t want to see you dance and wiggle in front of us to gain the attention of potential “hims” or your girlfriends on your way to the bathroom or to get more wine.  If you MUST walk by, do it and SIT DOWN.

Good for you lady behind us that you are able to do that fingers in your mouth wolf whistle.  STOP IT!  It’s vulgar and disruptive when you do it for every great note hit by the performer. It just  breaks the rhythm and it’s tacky.

Those of us in the front got there because we waited in line since 2 or 3 yesterday to be let in at 5.  Lounging late arriving couple in front of us who arrived at 7:30 and insisted we all “tighten it up” so they could fit in the front.  I don’t think so. All you did was to lie down on your blanket through the entire concert.  Next time, nap earlier and show up in line earlier to get the good seats.

Chairs are OK toward the front if they are sand chairs. Lose the tall campfire chairs with the bimany tops unless you want to sit WAY in the back.

To the extremely nice couple next to us, Debbie and Marty, you have the true spirit of an outdoor concert. We all shared our goodies, our wine and the music.  It was a lot of fun with you.

Clean up your trash.  Just because it’s dark when the concert ends, take a few minutes to grope around and gather your debris. It’s rude and a hazard to those walking through to the exit. Bottles are slippery and can really cause injury if you step on them and roll.

A little bit of common courtesy can make outdoor concerts more fun for everyone, including the performer.


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