Latitude 33: Another Independent Bookstore Has Closed Its Doors

Hs_gigantasaurus We are in mourning.  A friend book store has closed its doors due to the competition from online and discount book stores.  This independent book store was in downtown Laguna Beach, California.  I shopped at Latitude 33 for years before ever writing a book.

I appreciated the independent authors they carried and the knowledge they had about each author and their works as if it were a family member.  When I wrote Dino Manners, Latitude 33 was one of the first book stores to ask to carry my book. They were honorable and allowed me to have a signing event during my first book tour.  My family and I will always remember the coziness of that day after the Patriot’s Day Parade.

I can apprecaite being able to sell books online and I even have an ebook version of Dino Manners on,but I am saddened that another small book store without the ability to buy in large quantities or strong arm publishers has fallen.

Farewell my friend, Latitude 33.  You will be missed by many of us.

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