Dino Manners available on iBooks and Lulu for your device

I feel like we are in the big time now – at least caught up on current venues.  Dino Manners is now availbale on iBooks and Lulu for download to your electronic readers including iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Kindle. 

$3.99 from iBook/iTunes store:


There are a lot of intro pages – go to the TOC and get to the “chatper” to start the fun part!

$5.99 from LuLu: http://bit.ly/tGpina

A beautifully illustrated book to teach children how to be a good friend, stand up for themselves and have good manners with the help of some colorful dinosaurs with a lot of personality. We like it when our friends treat us nicely. We all have a better time when we use our good manners. Perhaps the dinosaurs would have lasted longer if they had followed some of these etiquette and friendship tips. Some of the reviews on Amazon: You will love reading this book to your kids! And your kids will love all the cute characters, beautiful scenery, bright and cheery colors, and inspiring messages to be well-mannered and still maintain your sense of fun.

After you buy it, please rate it for us.  Your reviews speak volumes to potential readers!  Thank you again for being a fan of Dino Manners.

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