Slippery and Dangerous When Wet

“She’s a pig!” screams the four-year-old after his sister finishes her shower and departs the steaming bathroom.  There is water on the floor, dirty clothes in a pile and toothpaste in the ink left over from an enthusiastic rinse.  He’s not amused.

He marched into his seven-year-old sister’s room to give her a piece of his mind, “YOU made it dangerous for me!  YOU are SELFISH.  YOU are a pig!”  She knows she’s caught and turns into the “spin doctor” snapping back, “You are calling me names and hurting my feelings.  You are mean and I’m telling mom!”

This stuns him briefly until he firmly composes himself, “I’m taking care of myself since YOU are too selfish to care if I crack my head open or break my neck!”

We’ve taught them well.  They are both exhausted and not speaking after a few loud minutes.  This is fine by us.  The house goes quiet for the next three and a half minutes. I savor every second.

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