Let Us Introduce- Percival, the Parasaurolophus ( par-a-SORE-oh-LOAF-us)


App. 30-31 feet

Weight: About 2.7 tons

Diet Preference: Herbivore, leafy vegetables, always organic

Hangs Out: North America, Canada, New Mexico and Utah

Hobbies Include: Rock climbing, learning to swim, singing while taking a bath, spinning in his inter-tube, chasing dragonflies.

Character Flaws: Not the best swimmer, ( really does better on dry land) not a very good listener, and very forgetful.

Character Assets: Happy go-lucky and always willing to try new things. He always has a big smile on his face and is a big lover of life!

Best friend: Cory

Little Known Fact: He could walk on either two or four legs.

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