Sneak Peak of “Dino Manners” Cover

Cover_500This is the near final version of the cover for, “Dino Manners.”

We have the final artwork from Alison – 40 original paintings that help to create “Dino Manners.”  We’re making sure everything is to scale so that we don’t have a too small Anklysaurus hanging out with a too big Zephyrosaurus.

We’re creating our map.  The dinos are scheduling their head shots for the back page of the book.  This will also determine who will be featured in our poster series. They are so fussy about their appearance.  Only four will be chosen.

Any requests?  Click on “Meet The Dinos” to the left to choose your favorite.  Let us know.  We’ll take it under advisement.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please share this with your friends, book clubs, mom’s clubs, schools and other organizations.  We’re open to partnering with you for fundraisers.

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